Our Story

History that holds the present & future of Czech Cricket!

Prague Cricket Club was formed in 1997. ​
Oldest and first of its kind in Czech Republic. There is no evidence showing that cricket existed in this part of the world until 1927. It all started when bunch of Britons, Australians, Indians, Pakistanis and Czechs gather in a park on the outskirts of Prague to play a slow and complicated game usually associated with gentlemen in white and English village greens. Slowly more and more people came along, captivated by the mysteries of short leg, LBW and being out for a duck.  Tony Brennan & Jon Locke founders of the Prague Cricket Club along with fellow cricket fanatics John Corness, Nimmitha de Silva, Colin Grover brought this gentlemen’s game to Czech. Since then, the love for this game never stopped and we are really proud to hold on to this history.

Now the present…

Ever since the start, PCC is one of the most successful and decorated cricket club in Czech. Our First team is the 40 over Division 1 & T20 league champions and second team is the Division 2 champions in 2018; not just that but for the past 8 times PCC was Czech league champions, which started officially in 2008.

What’s next to come for the Prague Cricket Club? Join Us to be a part of it.

Cricket for us is more than just play! We always look forward to add new members to our family.

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Club Committee


Sudhir Gladson
Keyur Mehta
Prakash S Nair
Suditha Udugalage
Ex Officio
Vijay Karthikeyan
Vice Chairman
Sujith Gopalakrishnan
Ex Officio
Rohit Deshmoyni