Club Constitution

Minor modification made with members’ approval at AGM 2010 (section 5)

The Club’s name shall be the Prague Cricket Club (in Czech Pražský Kriketový Klub).

The Club shall be affiliated to the Czech Cricket Union and, through the Czech Cricket Union, to the International Cricket Council.

Badge and Colors
The Club’s badge shall be the Czech lion with cricket bat and ball. The Club’s colors shall be red, white and blue.

The Club’s aims shall be to play competitive cricket fixtures and to develop the game of cricket within Prague and (in co-operation with programs being run by the Czech Cricket Union and International Cricket Council) elsewhere in the Czech Republic. The development of a permanent facility for playing cricket in Prague will be considered as a significant milestone towards both of these aims. The Club will aspire to play the game in terms of the best traditions of “the spirit of cricket”.

Membership of the Club shall be open to all people with an interest in the game of cricket and its being played and developed in Prague. Membership shall be available in different categories, as decided from time to time by the Executive (see 9 below). At all times the categories of Membership available will include Life Membership and Annual Membership.

[Addition from 2010 AGM begins] The Club Executive reserves the right to refuse or revoke any person’s membership [Addition from 2010 AGM ends]

Membership of the Club entitles the holder to:

  • preferential treatment when a team is being selected for a competitive fixture
  • attend the AGM, and
  • vote on Membership of the Executive

Life Members must pay an annual “Active Membership fee” before taking part in Club matches or training. The price of Life Membership and the Active Membership fee will be determined by the Club Executive.

General Meetings
The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting each year, between the end of the cricket season and the end of December. The AGM’s date, time and venue will be communicated to all Members by the Secretary at least 14 days in advance. The AGM shall include:

  • a report on the season, given by the Captain
  • a report on cricket development in Prague during the year, given by the Chairman
  • a financial report, given by the Treasurer
  • Election of the Executive

Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) may be called by a petition of at least one third of the current active Membership. The petition shall state the reason why the meeting is being called. The Secretary will communicate the date, time and venue of EGMs to all Members at least 14 days in advance.

The Executive
The AGM shall elect a President. The AGM shall also elect a committee (the “Výbor” required by Czech law), consisting of the Chairman, the Secretary and one other Member. The AGM shall also elect a “Revizní” committee, consisting of the Treasurer and two other Members. In the event of there being insufficient candidates from outside the Výbor, Members of the Výbor may also be elected to these latter two positions. The Executive shall consist of the President and the Members of these two committees. The Executive shall therefore have a maximum of seven Members in all, and a minimum of four (including Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary). When the Executive votes on any issue, the Chairman has the casting vote. A meeting of the Executive will be quorate if half of the Executive plus one is present, including at least two Members of the Výbor.

Should a Member of the Executive resign, leave Prague or otherwise become unable to complete his duties, the Secretary shall advertise the vacancy to all Members and organize a by-election, to take place at the next meeting of the Executive. Such a meeting must take place within three weeks of the vacancy becoming available, and, for this purpose only, shall be considered an EGM. If there are no candidates for the newly vacant position, the Executive shall decide on next steps.

The decision as to whether the Member can no longer complete his duties shall be taken by secret ballot of the rest of the Executive, after the Member in question has been given the opportunity to state his/her case. Failure to attend in full three successive meetings of the Executive or, in the view of more than one Member of the Executive to “pull one’s weight” may be deemed sufficient reason for such a ballot to be called.

The Executive shall be solely responsible for the running of the Club. No individual may claim to speak on behalf of the Club or otherwise represent the Club without the Executive’s express permission.

The Executive shall endeavor to ensure that the Club’s activities fully confirm to Czech law. The Club Executive will hold meetings from time to time to discuss any relevant issues relating to the Club and cricket in Prague. Meetings of the Executive shall be open only to Members of the Executive and those invited by the Executive

Election of officers
Candidates for all posts shall be proposed and seconded by current Members of the Club. Each Member may propose a maximum of two candidates and may second a maximum of two candidates. Members may be elected even if not present at the AGM. Voting shall be by secret ballot of Club Members present at the meeting, with Members allowed to vote for “none of the above”.

Positions in the Club Executive will be valid for two years, i.e. until the second following Club AGM. Positions will then be re-opened for election.

The Chairman shall be responsible for ensuring that:

  • the AGM and Executive meetings (which he will chair) take place as indicated in this Constitution
  • the views of the Club are well represented to the Czech Cricket Union and, if necessary, the European Cricket Development Office
  • the Club’s web site is kept up to date
  • the Club maintains a reasonable profile in the local media

The Treasurer shall be responsible for:

  • Maintaining the Club’s finances and preparing financial status reports for the AGM and each meeting of the Executive
  • Administering the Club’s bank account, including the list of signatories for withdrawing from the account
  • Liaising with sponsors and potential sponsors

The Secretary shall:

  • Advertise all General Meetings in accordance with this Constitution
  • Produce minutes of all meetings within a week of their taking place

The Executive will appoint a Club Captain in April each year. This position is valid until the end of March of the following year. Members of the Executive will undertake discussions with the broad Membership of the Club, to inform them of their wishes regarding the Club Captaincy.

Fixtures Secretary
In December of each year, the Executive shall appoint one of its Members as Fixtures Secretary. The Member appointed shall hold this position for twelve months. The Fixtures Secretary shall be responsible for organizing a list of competitive fixtures in accordance with the wishes of the Club’s Membership. The Fixtures Secretary shall present to the Executive a fixture list by the end of March each year. When the Executive has agreed this fixture list, it shall be posted on the Club’s web site.

Match Managers
At the meeting where it agrees the fixture list for the season, the Executive shall appoint, from its own number, a Match Manager for the first three fixtures. Hereinafter the Secretary will ensure that a Match Manager is appointed for each subsequent fixture within a month of its scheduled date. The Match Manager shall be responsible for ensuring that the Club has a team and:

(For home fixtures) that the ground is in good repair, match balls are available and tea will be provided. The Match Manager shall also collect match fees from players, ensure accuracy of the scorecard and is encouraged to write a match report for the Club’s website.

(For away fixtures) transport, accommodation and other logistical matters are arranged. Also, in consultation with the Club Captain (or captains appointed for the weekend, as indicated below), the Match Manager will ensure that if the tour consists of more than one game, all tourists who wish to play in at least one game have the opportunity to do so.

If the Club Captain is not available for the fixture, the Match Manager shall appoint a Match Captain from the players who are available. The Match Manager shall act as Vice-Captain for the fixture.

Winding up
In the event of the Club being wound up, all creditors shall be paid off and remaining cricket equipment shall be passed to the European Cricket Development Office, the Czech Cricket Union or other body working towards cricket development in central Europe.

This Constitution shall be posted on the Club’s internet website on a link accessible from the home page.

The Constitution can be amended at a General Meeting, by a two-thirds majority of Members present voting for the change.